This is an Aboriginal Dreamtime story about how the koala came to live in the Eucalyptus tree:

Long ago there were many koalas who would wander all over the land. Some were giants and able to reach the tops of the Eucalyptus trees along the Barwon River. After eating all the leaves, so none were left for the little ones, they would feel very comfortable and fall asleep along the river.

In a camp, not far away, there were two naughty boys named Billa and Mundi. Both the boys were told not to go down by the river because the giant koalas would roll over in their sleep and squash them. But the naughty boys did not listen. They took their boomerang and went down to the river to torment the giant koalas. Billa and Mundi would throw their boomerang at the giants and wake them up. When they went back to sleep the boys would run over and pick up their boomerang – until the giant koala rolled onto the boy`s boomerang. Knowing they would be in big trouble if they returned home without them, they crept towards the giant koalas and rolled them into the river.

As the giant koalas floated down the river they threw the boomerang into the Eucalyptus trees. The boys had to climb up into the trees but when they did, they turned into koalas themselves. Afraid the giants would return, Billa and Mundi must keep look out all night long with their boomerangs hidden in the trees.

Wer mehr über die Mythen und Legenden der australischen Ureinwohner, der Aborigines, erfahren möchte, wird auf dieser interessanten Seite fündig:

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